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Puerto Rico airports now available for FSX and Prepar3D platforms.

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Isla Grande - TJIG

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New Scenery Design

Scenery developing sometimes lead to the most excellent experiences, Viper action this time around. We are now involved with yet a new company that have hired Photorico to make some …

More Custom Development

In addition to making Puerto Rico a better place in the world of Prepar3D and FSX. We are also custom developers. Here is a little preview of what we created …

Almost there…………………..

…..still working hard on adding more detail to the San Juan area so that heli (and tilt rotor) pilots can make the best out of the Isla Grande Scenery. Expected …

SIG Preview

Coming soon is SIG. Here are a few shots… This  scenery will be compatible with Latin VFR TJSJ scenery. [Show slideshow] 12►

Aerodromo Santo Domingo (SCSN), Chile

Custom scenery in work for an Elite client. Features photoreal ground, with night textures and airport buildings that match real ones. Photorico makes scenery products that enhance the simulator training …